Activate climate solutions by transforming democracy with citizens' assemblies.



Citizens' Assemblies are gatherings of diverse, randomly selected citizens brought together to learn about, discuss, and make recommendations on important public issues like climate change. By creating an inclusive and deliberative environment, these assemblies empower everyday citizens to participate in the decision-making process, find common-ground, and lead the way on effective policy solutions — without the influence of special interests.

Why Citizens' Assemblies work:

  • They’re inclusive

    Assemblies bring together citizens from all walks of life, ensuring a representative sample and making sure all voices are heard and respected.

  • They make space for real conversations

    By providing the time and space for honest, informed discussions, assemblies encourage participants of diverse perspectives to find common ground.

  • They prevent special interest influence

    Assemblies rely on randomly selected citizens, eliminating the potential for special interest groups to dominate the conversation or manipulate the outcome.

Why Your Support Matters

Democracy Creative is one of the few groups working to bring more Citizens' Assemblies to the United States. Your monthly donations help us spread the word and set up more Citizens' Assemblies for policy action. With your support, we can show people about the value of deliberative democracy, develop tools for their implementation, and push for Citizens' Assemblies at multiple levels of government.