More about Democracy Creative

We were founded in late 2019, and gained our full 501c3 (full Form 1023, not 1023-EZ) status in October 2021.

Our founder Jesse Paul Warren has a decade of experience in government and politics, coupled with a creative flair in various fields. His strength lies in bringing innovative and complex projects to fruition.

— We are blessed with a passionate volunteer team. Our core team includes project director Tevan Goldberg and activist Liz Corker. We're also part of a global network of advocates through the Democracy R&D network.

Despite operating on a shoestring budget, we're proud of our accomplishments so far:

— Acquired office space and created a thriving Burlington community hub centered around nonprofit, democracy, and community development work.

— Achieved full 501(c)(3) status, with no legal assistance, relying solely on our own research and supporter help.

— Hosted an array of art, civic, and community events to stimulate creative thinking and build community.

— Produced a range of videos and interviews to disseminate our ideas further.

— Organized Vermont's first information session on Citizens' Assemblies, attended by nine elected officials, including Vermont's Lt. Governor — where we also distributed a relevant mini-booklet to invite sustained consideration.

— Established Thought Club, a weekly discussion group in Burlington promoting deliberative discourse.

— Facilitated the publication of Vermonter Terry Bouricius' book on citizens' assemblies, available at troublewithelections.com.

— Initiated development of Assemble, our app prototype for citizens' assemblies.

— Became a part of the global network of innovative sortition advocate organizations, Democracy R&D.

To sustain our work and launch our Vermont Citizens Assembly project, we need to level up. We need your help to continue paying our dedicated staff and propel our vision forward.