More about Democracy Creative

Founded in 2019, and gained full 501c3 (full Form 1023, not 1023-EZ) status in October 2021.

— Our founder, Jesse Paul Warren, has a decade of experience with government and politics. His strength is bringing innovative and complex projects to fruition with a creative flair.

— We have a passionate volunteer team, including project director Tevan Goldberg and activist Liz Corker. We're part of a global network of advocates through the Democracy R&D network.

Despite a shoestring budget, our accomplishments show dedication and passion:

— Our office space created a thriving Burlington nonprofit community hub, centered around democracy and community development.

— Full 501(c)(3) status with no legal assistance, relying solely on our own research and supporter help.

— Hosting art, civic, and speaking events to stimulate creative thinking and build community networks.

— Produced a wide range of high-quality videos and interviews to educate and inspire.

— Organized first information session on Citizens' Assemblies. Attended by nine elected officials —including Vermont Lt. Gov. Zuckerman— and distributed a mini-booklet for sustained consideration.

— Established Thought Club, a weekly discussion group in Burlington, promoting innovative and deliberative discourse.

— Facilitated publication of Vermonter Terry Bouricius' book on Citizen’s Assemblies.
Available at troublewithelections.com.

— Initiated development of Assemble, our prototype app for Citizen’s Assemblies.

— Part of the global network of  sortition-Assembly advocate organizations, Democracy R&D.

Help us sustain our work and launch the Vermont Citizen’s Assembly project.

Our dedicated staff and shared vision needs your support!