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Modern institutions have not kept up with the rapid social and technological changes of the 21st century, and cling to convention rather than embrace experimentation and creativity.  Our world is a networked and decentralized one, yet organizations remain largely heirarchical in structure. There is little truly democratic decision-making in schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and yes, governments.

Democracy Creative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2019 to model a truly democratic society, one which:

  • Encourages the widespread adoption of citizens’ assemblies as a “fourth branch of government” to find consensus on complex public issues  

  • Revives the ancient democratic practice of sortition (lottery selection) to bring more regular people into the political process

  • Incorporates democratic deliberation into the fabric of all public institutions, such as schools, hospitals, and large companies

  • Utilizes art, technology and design to make self-governance relevant, dynamic, and beautiful

Democracy is one of the great unsolved problems of humanity. Its true realization demands a lot from people, but it promises more: a way to live freely together, to peacefully resolve differences, and collaborate rather than control.
266 pine street, #207
burlington, vt 05401